Past Festivals

Channels Festival was founded by artists Jessie Scott, Rachel Feery and Eugenia Lim in 2012. It was initiated on the basis of a mutual passion for video art and a commitment to building greater awareness and appreciation of the form. Take a look at some of our past festivals throughout the years.

2013 Festival

The inaugural festival was co-directed by the founders with the aim of representing the breadth and depth of local and international practices operating within the field, while showcasing a program of video art that reflected on the past and looked toward the future.

2015 Festival

Artistic Director Nikki Lam curated a program that sought to challenge the historical context of video art by exploring its development in an increasingly tech-saturated and hybridised world.

2017 Festival

Artistic Director Alicia Renew presented a festival that explored speculative narratives as a construct for mapping uncharted cultural territories, histories and futures.

2019 Festival

Artistic Director Kelli Alred presented a festival that sought to deconstruct notions of belonging, complicity and resistance.